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How To Keep Your Mattress Fresh and Clean

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

If you have never considered cleaning your mattress then listen to this.

Why you should clean your mattress

Think about all the time you spend on your mattress. You probably spend 40-50 hours a week sleeping on it. Your mattress accumulates dead skin cells, sweat and oils from your body. Not to mention the dust it accumulates when you're not in it.

I recommend cleaning your mattress every three months. Every change of the season is a good way to remember to get it done. Follow these steps so that you will enjoy a clean odor free mattress.

Get rid of the dust

An easy way to get rid of the dust and shedded skin cells is to vacuum. When you do this go over the whole mattress and the sides of the box spring. If you suffer from allergies it's a good idea to do this every month if you can. If not try to do it every other month.

In order to get the dust from beneath the fabric's surface you will have to press down firmly with the attachment. If you have a garment steamer hold the nozzle as close to the fabric as you can to kill any dust mites that are making your mattress their home. Then to remove the dead dust mites, vacuum the mattress again.

Removing stains

To remove stains spray them with a cleaning disinfectant, but avoid over wetting your mattress. Then dab with a wet cloth. Rinse the cloth often and repeat this step until you remove all the cleaner. Vacuum and then let it air dry.

Get rid of odors

You can spray you mattress with a disinfecting spray to rid it of odors. Lysol is safe to use on fabric and it will also kill germs. You can also sprinkle baking soda on you mattress, lightly brush it in, let it sit for 15-20 minutes then vacuum it.

This is a really affective way to keep your mattress clean and odor free.

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